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Welcome to Excessories...


The Owner

Welcome to the Excessories Company! I am the owner, designer, and creator of this shop. Your Excessories are created in none other than the “D”, the “Motorcity”…Detroit!

The Creative Process

My pieces are inspired by my love of Urban and Afro styles, which is a mixture of various designs coupled with attitude and sometimes sprinkled with a little “bling”! My pieces evolve as I create them, rather than being designed before I make them. I allow my hands to twist and shape as they may. They are custom, handmade pieces that usually are not duplicated. Each piece I create is individualistic and unique…just like you.

The Excessories

You can never have too many accessories, so why not indulge in excess?  Excessories are the icing on the cake. You can make or change any look from dressy to casual and everything in between just by changing them. Earrings, Eyeglass chains, rings, or charger plates…..Exccessories are a necessary fashion statement to complete a room, a look or a mood! You can always find something here that fits your style. Excessorize with us, we’ve got you covered!

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